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Free TV is everywhere! There’s never been a better time to enjoy dozens of channels, all available 100% free! Recent advances in digital technology mean that you can watch top-quality high definition programming and get the cable company monkey off your back... saving your family thousands of dollars every year.




Can I Get FREE TV?

Over 90% of Americans live in areas served by broadcast television. If you’ve ever used an antenna before to get over-the-air broadcasts, you’re one of them. Believe it or not, free television has been around for almost 80 years, but it’s not just a relic of days gone by. There are dozens of broadcast networks and the top four (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) blanket the country with 24-hour free programming.

In the last five years, TV broadcasting has gone through a revolution that has brought more channels, more quality, and more programs to everyone. Most people don’t take advantage of their right to free television and miss out on the wide range of channels available.



Using the HD Blade gives you even more benefits like:

          -  Super-thin and small design blends into every décor
          -  Hides nicely behind equipment or pictures
          -  High-gain antenna works better than competing products
          -  Easy to move to additional TVs


What Channels can I get?

Free TV isn’t just about getting your favorite evening shows or weekend sports. The new broadcasting system brings tons of new options to anyone with an antenna. It’s called “subchannel” technology and it means where you used to have only 4 or 5 channels to choose from you could now have 50. Those channels carry local news, sports, classic TV, non-English programming, educational and religious programming, and so much more!

Subchannels are automatically added to your TV experience when you set up your antenna for the first time. Cable and satellite channels don’t usually carry them but they’re free for everyone. You probably don’t know what you’re missing because your local cable company is probably giving you fewer than 10% of the channels you could be receiving for free.

Many televisions have a built-in guide like the one on your cable or satellite box, but if your TV doesn’t, use titantv.com, tvguide.com or one of the many smartphone apps available at the App Store or Google Play.



Frequently Asked Questions
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